14 March 2018 – new blog post about what’s been going on since I last engaged with you lovely people. On Writing While Neurodiverse is on the blog page now!

26 January 2018 – I’m going to write my memoirs after the two novels in progress have been finished, although in exactly what form I haven’t yet decided. Anyway, I’ve just posted the draft Foreword on my Extracts and Short Stories page. Hope you like it.

15 January 2018 – a belated Happy New Year! And also, there’s a new blog post to investigate: On Writing While British. I hope it’s your cup of tea (groan).

13 December 2017 – new blog post, On Writing While Tired. Go on, it’s been, like, three weeks. You know you need a fix.

23 November 2017 – new blog post, On Writing While in a Cocoon. It’s cramped for me and the muse in there. Help me out, have a quick read.

12 November 2017 – new blog post, On Writing while Living. It’s juicy. And it refers to a short story I’ve just posted on my Short Stories and Extracts page. Go on!

30 October 2017 – new blog post, On Writing while Religious. Get over your shock, dig in the praying queen.

20 October 2017 – new blog post, On Writing While Gay, Part 2. Lap it up now.

13 October 2017– new blog post, On Writing While Gay, Part 1. Have a butcher’s.

1 October 2017 – review of Dan Hannan’s What Next is available on my Brexit Writing page.

29 September 2017 – new blog post. On Being a Bicephalous Writer. Go on. You know you want to.

28 September 2017 – new book published! Perhaps my last academic volume – ? Co-edited with my dear friend Dr Malin Stegmann McCallion of Karlstad University. Available as both e-book and hard copy:



22 September 2017  – new blog post! Writing While Depressed . More fun than it sounds. Hopefully.