About me

AB and Max photoI’m a former Professor of EU Politics and now a fiction writer. My work is aimed at the higher-end of the commercial market, or the lower end of the literary market, depending on your position on the Hyacinth Bouquet scale. I’ve been known to use polysyllables, so let’s call it Literary Borders and leave it at that.

I’m a fruit cake enthusiast, ABBA nerd, dog lover, and Kylie-loving, Eurovision-spellbound, moisturising bender of the old school. Feminist. Europhile. Vegetarian. Member of the Green Party. Unitarian with pagan inclinations.

If you’re interested in my taste in fiction, I love in no particular order –  except of course the divine Jane comes first – Jane Austen, Armistead Maupin, Joanne Harris, Robert Rodi, and Patrick Gale.

On my website you can find extracts of my work and, I hope as this develops, links to a community of like-minded writers. My fiction focuses on LGBTQ+ themes and lives.

My blog is about my transition to becoming a  fiction writer, and what I learn and experience along the way. It’s called On Becoming a Writer, and the various posts are available on the site’s homepage. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for your time and interest.

PS For social media stuff, you can find me on Twitter: @alex_brianson.